Research Activities

Since joining Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Sep 1997, I have received research grants from the RGC and the university in excess of HK$58 millions as principal investigator for 51 research/development projects and in excess of HK$ 7 millions as co-investigator for 21 research/development projects. Very positive comments were received on the Government funded RGC (Research) projects of total $4.6 Million. I also received a Large Equipment Grant of $0.59 million from the university to set up a Power Electronics laboratory for the development of future static power conversion innovations. The centre is now located in the Industrial Centre of the University. I also received an earmarked Provision for special projects from president of $0.216 million in 2000. I also received another HK$0.814 and HK$3.387 million for the projects entitled "Electromagnetic Interference and Compliance system for the development of future power conversion innovations" and "Examination of Electromagnetic Emission for Electronic and Electrical Systems" in 2003 and 2005. Since joining PolyU, I have been the PI of RGC project with total funding of $4.6 Million.

So far, I have over 120 published or accepted journal papers, in which 80% of them are IEE or IEEE Journal papers. I have also published 10 books in engineering and more than 200 conference papers.

I also received more than 170 consultancy projects from the industry as a result of the recognition of my research.

My impact of my research is the application. I have successful applied my research results into application. The popular applications are:

The above projects have received very extensive publicity locally and internationally.
Besides the above development, I have successfully developed a number of high impact research, they are:



Prof. K. W. Eric Cheng


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