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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. ORCID iD

My research interests are (mostly) in the area of robotics, machine intelligence, and control engineering.

I received a PhD degree in mechanical and automation engineering from CUHK.

Research Supervision

The mission of my newly formed group is to conduct multi-disciplinary research in robotics science. I welcome applications from prospective PhD students from mechanical/control engineering, computer science, and related disciplines. Candidates must send a CV along with details of their previous experience.

Outstanding international candidates are urged to apply to the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme. See details here and here. Students receive a monthly stipend of $20k HKD (around $2.5k USD) with all tuition fees waived.

On-Going Projects

Elderly Care Robotics

Our goal is to develop an intelligent elderly care robot for performing service tasks such as autonomous feeding, walking assistance, training/stimulation of arms' functions, object retrieval, etc.

dual_arm_robot feeding_task1 walking_task training_task

Skin Rejuvenation Robotics

The aim of this project is to develop a new sensor-guided robotic system with the capability of performing skin rejuvenation procedures. This collaborative project is funded by RoDS Technologies Ltd.

skin_current_practice skin_setup2 rejuvenation_robot

Visual Shape Servoing of Deformable Objects

The purpose of this project is to develop new sensor-guided control methodologies to automatically deform soft objects with robotic manipulators. Funding source: RGC General Research Fund, 2018–2021.

Robotic Systems for MRI-Guided Biopsy

We are currently developing new actuation technologies and mechanisms to perform biopsy procedures inside the MRI environment. This project is conducted in collaboration with Time Medical Systems Ltd.

Research Grants




Associate Editor. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Specialty Section on: Soft Robotics.

Guest Editor. Robotics and Autonomous Systems Special Issue on: Multimodal Sensor-Based Robot Control for Interaction, Soft Manipulation and Whole-Body Control.

Organiser. IROS 2018 Special Session: Methods and Algorithms for Automatic Manipulation of Deformable Objects.

Co-Organiser. IROS 2016 Workshop: See, Touch, and Hear: 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-Based Robot Control for HRI and Soft Manipulation.

Co-Organiser. IROS 2015 Workshop: See and Touch: 1st Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-Based Robot Control for HRI and Soft Manipulation.

Selected Publications





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