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    but Introduction    

     Summer time in Hong Kong is hot and humid. Record from the Hong Kong Observatory (2010) indicates that the outdoor temperature and relative humidity in summer time can be as high as 34.9˚C and 95% respectively. Construction workers have to undertake physical demanding activities in an outdoor environment which is hot and humid during summer time. Work in such an environment poses a significant challenge for the cardio-vascular system (Marszalek et al, 2005). Construction workers are vulnerable to heat stress in summer as heat stroke has already caused a number of deaths and injuries (Apple Daily, 2010). Construction safety clothing is gear worn by construction workers to protect them from many potential hazards inherent on the job. Often workers dislike wearing safety clothing because it can be hot, cumbersome and slow down work progress (Donald, 2010). Heat and inappropriate clothing may make workers sweat a lot. Construction workers are at greater risk for heat-related illnesses such as heat rash which is a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating during hot and humid weather (MedicineNet.com, 2010). Proper clothing is essential to combat heat rash and other heat-related illnesses. Comfortin the hot season depends on the choice of fabrics. Clothing should make workers feel cool, dry and comfortable, and more importantly, able to protect them against the damaging UV rays from the sun. Construction work is a tough job which demands additional requirements on clothing. High quality industrial apparel is important for providing a layer of protection against cuts and abrasions, as well as the environment and weather. Clothing has to be durable with high thread count, reinforced seams, and heavy duty rivets that fit well enough to not present a hazard around moving parts, but still provide flexibility to react on the job site (Palmer, 2010). Obviously, clothing for construction workers during summer time warrants special attention.
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    but References

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    but Highlight

Pattern of the newly designed uniform


PolyU licenses the technology to CIC


Form workers wearing the Uniform


Promotion of the new work uniform on CIC trainee graduation ceremony


Mini-Expo on innovations technology developed by PolyU


Local Grand Prize of CIC Innovation Award


CIC Innovation Award - Audio track (mp3)